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A gorgeous new addition to the Adele Hair collection of hair extensions, this luxurious ponytail extensions are the highest quality human Remy which are full all the way to the ends.There are 4 types of ponytail at your optional. Ribbon Ponytail, Claw Clip in Ponytail, Magic Ponytail and Drawstring Ponytails.

Give your hair a twist of extended gorgeousness! Flaunt Rapunzel’s long locks in a ponytail. With our newest addition to the array of luscious natural hair extensions, ponytail is sure to enhance your natural hair. Make your pick from a selection of hair colours and styles.

Bringing ease to our consumers, wrapping these ponytail hair extensions does not require an expert’s attention. These extensions are simple to apply. They either cover your naturally short hair, turning it into a long mane or blend-in with your natural tresses to the perfection.

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