100% human hair extensions Nail Tip Firey blonde #28 Body Wave

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100% human hair extensions Nail Tip Firey blonde #28 Body Wave

Content: 100 strands/pack

Tips: If you want to make curly, Please use ceramic Hair curler, Do not use iron hair curler.

Note: The colors of body wave items and curly items will be a little deeper than straight hair. If mind, please think twice before purchase.




Our pre bonded nail tip extensions are made from 100% natural remy human hair and are available in different colors and styles. Nail tip extensions are a long-lasting application method that you wear day and night for several months. You wash, dry, and style nail tip extensions just like your own hair. Nail tip hair extensions are applied by heating up the keratin tip found at the end of the extension and attaching it to your own hair. Also known as keratin glue extensions, pre bonded / fusion hair extensions are applied using a simple heat and glue method. Many professional salons prefer nail tip extensions because they are a great way to add long-lasting length, fullness and highlights to natural hair.

Another fun fact, you might have heard of nail tip hair extensions referred to as u-tips.This is because of a process in which the "U" shaped glue is already on the tip of the hair ready to be attached by using the extension iron. Regardless of what you choose to call them, they are great for long-lasting use. 

1. Why the length is not the same as description?
We measure the length of hair when the hair is stretched to straight, the wavy and curl texture hair will be much shorter than straight hair, pay attention to that before you place order, Thank you!
2. Why the weight is not the same as the description?
Because our product was made by machine, it is normal that there will be 5-10g error.
3. Why does my hair become tangled?
The hair would become tangled due to dryness, oil or dirt build-up, salt water and comb with wide comb.
Make sure to wash your hair at least once a week, and if possible, twice a week would be better.
You may use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for further suggestions.
4. Why does the hair shedding?
After the new product produced, there will have some floating hair on it,so when your first coming, the floating hair will fall out, hope you could understand.
5. When will you ship my order out after I paid for it?
we will ship the goods within 3 days after received your payment.
6. How to deal with the odor?
Some of the clients may talk about the odor when receiving the hair.
Dear, there's no need to worry about this, after co-washing and nursing it for some time, the odor will disappear.
7. Which color should I choose?
When choosing colors, try to look for which one is the closest to your natural hair color. The goal is to make your extensions to look as natural as possible, instead of appearing unnatural like a wig. If you want to choose one which complements your existing hair, you could check the colors of hair extensions that are slightly different from your natural hair color, but provide a nice complementary color.

If you still can't decide which color to choose, please send a picture of your hair color to our customer service Email box: adelehairit@gmail.com. Let us match the color for you.
8. Can I curl or straighten my extensions?
Just like your own hair, Hair extensions can be straightened, blow-dried, styled and curled.
9. My payment is not going through, what's up?
At checkout, please make sure that all of your personal information matches the exact information (name, address, etc) associated with your credit card. If some information does not match, the transaction will not go through. If you are unsure, please call your credit card company to see what information they have on file.

Also, please ensure that your credit card is not restricted to making international purchases. You can also try going through the regular checkout or use PayPal if this is more convenient.

If the problem persists, please e-mail us at adelehairit@gmail.com
10. How can I check my order status?
We will send you an order confirmation to your email after your order is placed. We will also provide you with a tracking number as soon as possible.
    Submitted by: Sarah     Submitted Date: 2018-07-04 20:49:28
    Ordered 2 packets of 50g hair for a full head my hairdresser used a packet and half. Nice hair only had in a week but will see how they last. If they don’t shred then next time I’ll order the hair for a thicker outcome.
    Submitted by: Cass devs     Submitted Date: 2018-06-24 19:27:57
    Very fast delivery .Colour matched and quality good. Would Recommend.
    Submitted by: Zoey moore     Submitted Date: 2018-05-18 19:01:55
    Amazing great quality hair.
    Great seller, recommended!Great thanks!
    I love this keratin glue on my hair.
    Submitted by: Sharon Johal     Submitted Date: 2018-04-26 19:48:11
    Overall coloured well, seems good quality of hair, natural looking and the keratin bonds are so comfy and easy to wear. The only reason why it’s not 5 stars is because I feel I need to wash and style a few more times to make sure it lasts longer.
    Submitted by: charjones     Submitted Date: 2018-03-21 19:18:53
    Wow! These are just amazing extensions! So easy to fit the pre bonds, takes no time at all to do a full head, colours are beautiful, the hair it’s self is odourless and feels amazing! I’ve also very successfully dye the light browns and the blondes are also dye-able. Over all the best extensions I’ve ever had and fitted!
    Submitted by: Caroline Ind     Submitted Date: 2018-03-21 19:10:32
    Highly recommend, have bought more and will buy again ... great quality hair and glue bond.
    Submitted by: caroline Ind     Submitted Date: 2018-03-05 23:56:02
    Perfect colour match and can be dyed and straighted, very easy to put in, and lasts a god month as i have used these b4.
    Submitted by: Sarah     Submitted Date: 2018-02-06 22:51:00
    I received my order very promptly. It was well packaged and exactly as described. I am extremely pleased with the quality. Thank you.
    Submitted by: sara     Submitted Date: 2018-01-29 22:58:23
    First class customer service and lovely product.
    Submitted by: Anita Mccready     Submitted Date: 2018-01-09 18:47:38
    It's easy to put these in my hair, and make me feel sexy with long hair. One of my friends also likes it!
    Submitted by: Helen Masters     Submitted Date: 2017-10-29 23:00:02
    Hair arrived promptly. It was beautifully packaged and it felt amazing. My hairdresser was well impressed with it. We put it in Friday and it looks stunning. Feels dab. Highly recommend. Will be buying again and again.
    Submitted by: Nina Gill     Submitted Date: 2017-10-12 18:47:59
    Just received this hair! Omg absolutely beautiful. I love it. Will definitely be using this for my clients and can't wait to show off my amazing thick long locks!!!! Thank you so much full shine.Brilliant for the price
    Submitted by: Samantha     Submitted Date: 2017-09-20 19:12:52
    Love them... My hair is amazin... Highly recommend these exstensions :) easy to put in and they look great, fantastic price and will definately br getting them again in 3 months xxx
    Submitted by: Donna Mitchell     Submitted Date: 2017-09-06 00:38:36
    Excellent quality and surpassed expectations.I love this hair easy to work with and defo b using it from now on even my hair dresser is going to start using it it's that good, I have recommended this hair to a few people who have asked me I'm very happy
    Submitted by: julie preston-roberts     Submitted Date: 2017-08-25 20:31:34
    I have had mine in for nearly 6 months and out of 200 strands only 6 have came out. They are amazing can be washed more than any other extensions iv had. I love them and will be ordering again.
    Submitted by: Gemma Louise Smith     Submitted Date: 2017-08-15 20:46:32
    As a qualified hair extension technition and having used many different types of hair I have to say this is nice hair. It's beautifully soft too, I purchased the hair in colour #1.These are great for highlights as well as a full head.
    Submitted by: anna     Submitted Date: 2017-08-08 20:23:34
    Was a bit worried buying hair off line but I am so so happy the hair looks and feels like the more expensive hair I love it would defo recommend using. My hairdresser was amazed at the quality
    Submitted by: Krist K     Submitted Date: 2017-07-31 23:53:37
    Lovely quality but just a few tips for future buyers: 1. Even if your hair is short make sure to buy extensions a bit thicker than your own. I didn't buy mine thick enough so I it looks fake and can't wear it outside of photos. 2. Buy the right colour, don't buy it in a red-undertone if your hair is cool toned. I thought the redness wouldn't be noticeable but it is. 3.Buy it slightly longer than you want yours to be, the ends are a little stringy so may need a trim to look healthier.. I would definitely buy again.
    Submitted by: Malia     Submitted Date: 2017-07-28 22:12:32
    Beautiful product! Haven't installed yet but I expect no issues. Thank you!
    Submitted by: Cathy     Submitted Date: 2017-07-05 01:21:35
    Adhesive held very well, put them in with a flat iron, hair is good thickness and quality. I purchased 3 packs to be able to cut layers in as my hair is a Bob. Even after the cut its still very thick.
    Submitted by: Manisha     Submitted Date: 2017-06-27 01:11:32
    Amazing amazing amazing. Great price for 4 bundles. The bundles are thin though so knowing that you have to order extra than what you would normally depending on the style you are trying to achieve. Coming from a hairdresser of 10 years this is well worth the purchase. The bonds are large so you have to cut them in half prior to putting them in. I plan to order these for all of my future extension clients.
    Submitted by: Maya     Submitted Date: 2017-06-26 17:04:40
    If I have short hair above my shoulders, how much hair should I get to get more length?
    Submitted by: Misty     Submitted Date: 2017-06-24 01:48:49
    Very nice product. The color is nothing short of amazing considering Im naturally blonde but, am slowly transitioning to a natural dirty blonde
    Submitted by: Latalie     Submitted Date: 2017-06-20 00:42:26
    I'm always skeptical about buying hair extensions from companies other than Sally Beauty but these are very comparable! The quality you get is outstanding and the amount you get for the price is unbeatable! For doing a full head, I would recommend two to three packages (depending on how thick you want your hair). No complaints here, I love them!
    Submitted by: Liz Rose     Submitted Date: 2017-06-16 00:05:30
    Amazing hair Extensions! I do not write reviews but I have been looking for years for quality hair extensions. I have gone through every company and this is by far the best quality hair. It's thick and healthy and has a natural curl to it after its been washed. They have been in for a month now and I do notice some shedding now but it's it enough to lower my rating on these. I am not a hair dresser just a customer. I buy the extensions and bring to my hair dresser for her to put in. She will now be referring her other customers here.
    Submitted by: Lautoe     Submitted Date: 2017-04-05 00:19:12
    I absolutely love this hair. It's body and fullness is remarkable and it lasts over time.I will recommend my friends to order Adele Hair.
    Submitted by: Cheyanne     Submitted Date: 2017-03-08 23:02:53
    The hair extensions make me feel beautiful.
    I love my long hair!
    Submitted by: Lorrie     Submitted Date: 2017-03-06 23:44:27
    Beautiful hair, very comfortable to wear and isn't shinny enough, but it is very soft real human hair it. I will buy more hairs from this vendor in the future.
    Submitted by: Brook M.     Submitted Date: 2017-03-03 20:23:45
    Buy these I have really really thin hair and I think these are great love them especially for the price :)
    Submitted by: Bonnie Parker     Submitted Date: 2017-03-01 19:18:21
    My extensions give me life !!!
    Submitted by: Valerie Morales     Submitted Date: 2017-02-28 22:34:20
    This is my 3rd time buying this brand of hair extensions and it's by far my favorite. I love that there are options based on the thickness of your hair since I never need to use all the pieces of the set. This color matches perfectly with that I wanted and it's hard to find from other brands especially with this great of quality. I love having all my favorite shades for different looks!
    Submitted by: Tammy     Submitted Date: 2017-02-28 19:18:27
    A while back I contacted you for assistance in helping me color match after I had to cut my long hair due killing it with over processing. I ended up finding a mix of Ash Blonde and Rodeo Blonde was the perfect color for my heavily highlighted hair. My hair is super thick so having 2 sets worked out beautifully.

    I've since been working on growing out my hair and decided in order to keep it healthy I needed to stop straightening and highlighting the life out if it. So I've been rocking my natural curls and just colored my hair and went back to brunette.
    Submitted by: Sarah Ann     Submitted Date: 2017-02-27 22:05:18
    I was pretty happy and impressed with Adelehair extensions. I had it on in under tenminutes and I was able to show a couple of friends and my husband the outcome.
    Submitted by: Nassy K.     Submitted Date: 2017-02-24 19:27:39
    Based on the price I was very skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised! I have been wearing hair extensions for volume for many years so I know all about them. These extensions are perfect for layered hair, which mine is. They are thin at the bottom, which does not matter to me because, again, I layer them. They blend in perfect with my real hair. I had to color them as my real hair is a dark brown. The results are great and the extensions remained silky smooth. I will order more...for this price it's a steal
    Submitted by: Stacy Kwok     Submitted Date: 2017-02-20 23:06:55
    I bought the set for my daughter for her wedding. Our hairdresser said they were the best extensions she has ever seen. My daughter is delighted with them.
    Submitted by: Jennifer     Submitted Date: 2017-02-20 00:16:34
    These extensions look so natural and feels so real! Not too curly, not too straight, so many colors to choose from.As soon as I walked into work everyone noticed my hair right away and said how awesome and natural it looked.
    Submitted by: Cindy Irish     Submitted Date: 2017-02-19 23:44:05
    This review is from what i've seen and what my daughter has told me. lol It was most definitely a good quality item, my daughter is very happy with em'. What I liked and also surprised with, was the fact they came from overseas yet still got here before i'd expected. I've bought stuff from overseas before and waited for what felt like forever. So I was happy with the company and my daughter was happy with the product!

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