Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions Shopping Online

Our pre-bonded  Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions are a long lasting application method that you can wear day and night, good for several months. You can wash, dry, and style nail tip extensions just like your natural hair. Nail tip human hair extensions are applied by heating up the keratin tip, attached at the end of the extension and attaching it to your own hair. Also known as keratin glue extensions, pre-bonded/fusion hair extensions are applied using a simple heat and glue method.

Nail Tip Hair Extensions are also referred as U-Tips. This is because of a process in which the "U" shaped glue is already present on the tip of the hair extension ready to be attached by using the extension iron. Regardless of what you choose to call them, they are long lasting.

Our Remy Nail Tip Hair Extensions are crafted with 100 percent natural Human hair. You can go shopping for cheap Nail Tip Hair Extensions, which are available in different textures, colors and styles. Many professional stylists prefer nail tip extensions, because they are a great way to add long-lasting length, fullness and highlight to your natural hair. You can easily buy Nail Tip hair extensions online at your convenience.

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