100% human hair extensions Hair Weave Jet black #1 Straight

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100% human hair extensions Hair Weave Jet black #1 Straight

Tips: If you want to make curly, Please use ceramic Hair curler, Do not use iron hair curler.

Note: The colors of body wave items and curly items will be a little deeper than straight hair. If mind, please think twice before purchase.




Wefts/Weaving hair extensions are easy to wear and give you all sorts of styling options. Hair weave extensions can be used many times with proper handling and are the least expensive way to create a variety of hairstyles for different occasions. You can wrap the wefts around braids to have a longer and thicker look. With the wefts, you can add more volume to your hair while keeping the natural appearance of your hair. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create any shade of color by dying the wefts.

Made of 100% human hair, Adele Hair weave extensions feel and look just like your own hair. You can shampoo, color, cut, or curl to make any hairstyle. Whether you are a party-goer, working professional, or just searching for a new look, hair weave extensions are a great option. They are durable and just as easy to style as is human hair. Adele Hair weave extensions are hand-crafted to ensure long-term use.

Our hair weave extensions are some of the finest, most affordable extensions on the market and are used widely by salons and individuals for personal use.

1. Why the length is not the same as description?
We measure the length of hair when the hair is stretched to straight, the wavy and curl texture hair will be much shorter than straight hair, pay attention to that before you place order, Thank you!
2. Why the weight is not the same as the description?
Because our product was made by machine, it is normal that there will be 5-10g error.
3. Why does my hair become tangled?
The hair would become tangled due to dryness, oil or dirt build-up, salt water and comb with wide comb.
Make sure to wash your hair at least once a week, and if possible, twice a week would be better.
You may use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for further suggestions.
4. Why does the hair shedding?
After the new product produced, there will have some floating hair on it,so when your first coming, the floating hair will fall out, hope you could understand.
5. When will you ship my order out after I paid for it?
we will ship the goods within 3 days after received your payment.
6. How to deal with the odor?
Some of the clients may talk about the odor when receiving the hair.
Dear, there's no need to worry about this, after co-washing and nursing it for some time, the odor will disappear.
7. Which color should I choose?
When choosing colors, try to look for which one is the closest to your natural hair color. The goal is to make your extensions to look as natural as possible, instead of appearing unnatural like a wig. If you want to choose one which complements your existing hair, you could check the colors of hair extensions that are slightly different from your natural hair color, but provide a nice complementary color.

If you still can't decide which color to choose, please send a picture of your hair color to our customer service Email box: adelehairit@gmail.com. Let us match the color for you.
8. Can I curl or straighten my extensions?
Just like your own hair, Hair extensions can be straightened, blow-dried, styled and curled.
9. My payment is not going through, what's up?
At checkout, please make sure that all of your personal information matches the exact information (name, address, etc) associated with your credit card. If some information does not match, the transaction will not go through. If you are unsure, please call your credit card company to see what information they have on file.

Also, please ensure that your credit card is not restricted to making international purchases. You can also try going through the regular checkout or use PayPal if this is more convenient.

If the problem persists, please e-mail us at adelehairit@gmail.com
10. How can I check my order status?
We will send you an order confirmation to your email after your order is placed. We will also provide you with a tracking number as soon as possible.
    Submitted by: Alexandria Glasford     Submitted Date: 2018-08-07 20:03:43
    The hair is soft and does not shed much. Don’t need to always brush it as it doesn’t tangle. Great abit!
    I love this hair ive gotten so many compliments.
    Submitted by: kadijatou diallo     Submitted Date: 2018-06-27 00:57:39
    Doesn't shed much or tangle
    Quick delivery!
    The quality of the hair is great. At first I thought the hair was thin and the amount of hair on the bundles were a little amount because the longer the length the less hair you have but I was wrong. Hair is looking very good and it's quite soft.Will order more.
    Submitted by: Emma P.     Submitted Date: 2018-05-18 19:18:52
    Excellent quality, fast delivery, coloured well. Very happy with this hair. Would definitely buy again.
    Submitted by: Jessica B Gutierrez     Submitted Date: 2018-04-23 02:45:10
    I love my hair it so soft and manageable and I received it in record time.
    I will order from them again.
    Submitted by: Mrs. F. Richardson     Submitted Date: 2018-03-07 23:12:39
    Gorgeous soft hair. I just love it. It does have some strands of red/brown which shows under the light but is subtle. Will definitely buy again. Well packed too.
    Submitted by: Harleigh Kamal     Submitted Date: 2018-02-06 22:57:33
    Absolute beautiful hair was a gorgeous piece latest me 4 month weave is silky smooth and value for money well done .
    Submitted by: Felicia C.     Submitted Date: 2018-01-12 18:10:08
    Lovely hair. The hair is lovely and so soft and had no smell to it.
    This item is so beautiful, so amazing. I would recommend hundred percent.
    Submitted by: Isabella     Submitted Date: 2017-10-27 21:01:56
    This hair feels lovely and the colour is really nice a beautiful deep brown. It is soft to touch and has a nice wavy look, not too much. The seller is 100% positive, as arrived so quickly. They also keep in touch to make sure everything is okay and if you hv any queries.
    Submitted by: Lissah Siliya     Submitted Date: 2017-10-19 20:16:38
    Love my hair it is amazing quality, I've washed it so many times and still maintains its smooth texture. I would definitely recommend adele hair and I personally will buy from you again. Thank you once again.
    Submitted by: Dee     Submitted Date: 2017-10-12 18:59:02
    I bought it for my wedding and installed it on September 20th, I think that I'll keep it on for the month of October so that's about 6weeks or so. It's still soft, I use Feels Like Silk, Lotta Body Foaming Mousse and Hawaiian Silky to keep it soft and curly. Don't style or brush it dry. I've washed it once so far and the texture remained the same. It was fabulous on my wedding day and people think it's my own.
    Submitted by: Emma Kennedy     Submitted Date: 2017-09-21 19:16:19
    I love the hair , it curls beautifully and still soft after a wash . It tangles a little on longer inches but easy brush out the knots. Very little

    shedding even after i cut my wefts to make a wig . The hair has body and very beautiful might buy here again
    Submitted by: cherry     Submitted Date: 2017-09-10 20:30:36
    I bought my hair it was a reasonable price and it came early as expected. When I saw the hair I was happy as it looks and feels great. I did it the same day as I have experience in hair do. The shedding was zero. The length was exactly what I expected and does not tangle . Will recommend to anyone .
    Submitted by: Diveens     Submitted Date: 2017-09-01 19:57:57
    Excellent hair quality no shedding in lovely light natural colour good length of all gets naturally curly if tied up.
    Will certainly buy again.
    Submitted by: Zebulon     Submitted Date: 2017-08-15 19:28:15
    Really good hair, Lightweight and so soft. My hairdresser complimented me on the choice saying that it was very good quality. No shredding during the install, during the cut or afterwards at home with me running my hands through it constantly.
    maybe dyed it in future, hope it still goes well, highly recommend it.
    Submitted by: Philip     Submitted Date: 2017-08-08 20:55:13
    I was a little skeptical at first with the price but after I received my hair I was satisfied .Hair came very fast. the hair is very soft, didn't have a bad smell, it also was packaged nicely. I co-washed it with some conditioner, and it was smooth and it didn't get tangled . When the water ran over the hair, there was no dye or product coming from the hair, and the ends of the hair were not dry. This seller definately has a great quality hair for a greay price.Highly recommended.
    Submitted by: latifa     Submitted Date: 2017-07-05 00:38:08
    This hair is beautiful, I have washed it and curled it as well . Still soft and bouncing will order again
    Submitted by: michaela     Submitted Date: 2017-06-20 00:42:38
    I'm wearing this closure now and Baaabbbby everybody think it's my hair. Look so natural. I even put a black rinse in it. The hair is so soft. I just love it, will be ordering again...
    Submitted by: Youla Lina     Submitted Date: 2017-06-15 23:59:47
    This hair is really great for the price. I used it to make a wig for a trip to Vegas and didn't expect it to last long after, but I've worn the wig every day for about a month now and it stills looks good. I even washed the wig a few times. It does not tangle or shed. I'm actually amazed by this hair's quality at such a great price. Will definitely buy again.
    Submitted by: Jo     Submitted Date: 2017-06-14 23:56:52
    I purchased this hair a few months ago but I wanted to wait to review it until after I had worn it a while. I loved it! It was so soft, versatile, full, the length was spot on and didn't shed at all. I loved it so much I purchased more bundles! I would definitely recommend!
    Submitted by: Helya     Submitted Date: 2017-05-01 20:06:22
    I absolutely Love my new hair!Thanks a lot for your great products! So happy with these extensions. I purchased the 18 inch and cut them perfectly for my style. I wanted volume, easy to use, no damage to my hair and so natural looking, no one even knows I am wearing anything!
    Submitted by: Katie     Submitted Date: 2017-04-11 23:10:56
    I got these extensions for a short haired child with thin hair. They are so soft. My grand daughter wanted to see if they really were made out of human hair so she tested them with my straightening iron and they passed! My daughter, a stylist of her own right, was very impressed that the tools came with them. Since one set isn't enough to do my grand daughter's hair, I'm buying a second set, without a second thought.
    Submitted by: Lisa     Submitted Date: 2017-03-19 19:58:13
    It is very soft . I purchased three bundles for my full head and it covered it all , so I recommend getting double the bundles if you really want a full look.
    Submitted by: Asylon T.     Submitted Date: 2017-03-15 20:04:28
    The weaves are great. I used to think it is a risk to buy such expensive extensions, but I am shocked when I get the stuff. Feeling so good and all my roommates said they love it. Glad to meet adele. I love the extensions. Make me more fuller and longer. Comes with some amazing little gifts.Thank you so much.
    Submitted by: Jenny White     Submitted Date: 2017-03-12 20:48:08
    I am a little worried about the company at first, so after I ordered, I contacted them via FB, kindly I get answered at once! So great for a first time customer.After a week I get the item, it is okay cause I see the shipment policy. The hair is great, and I ask someone profession and he tells me that it is grade A, so I love it!! I book my stylist and excited to apply them on my nature hair. Everything is just so fine with adelehair. Highly recommend.
    Submitted by: Amanda.L     Submitted Date: 2017-03-08 23:10:30
    A little expensive, but when I receive the stuff, I forget the price at once. It feels amazing. totally soft and silky. My nature hair is losing so that I need extensions, my daughter is going to get married next month, so I wanna be better on my baby's big day. Sure that I will enjoy my days with adelehair.
    Submitted by: Cyndi Martin     Submitted Date: 2017-03-03 19:51:29
    I own several sets of Adele hair extensions: Human weave, Tape in and 2 sets of Nail Tip. Adele Hair extensions are the longest, silkiest, softest hair. So much hair that I only use 1/2 the wefts. Wasted so much money with other companies. I will never try another brand.
    Submitted by: Tammy D.     Submitted Date: 2017-02-23 18:41:03
    Beautiful hair, very comfortable to wear and isn't shinny enough that I feel like I have to wear a hat to pull it off.I will buy more hairs from this vendor in the future
    Submitted by: Amber Harris     Submitted Date: 2017-02-20 23:38:00
    Very pretty , a little lighter than in the photo though. I fixed on the extensions for 3 tree month, not too tight not too loose. Will buy again!
    Submitted by: Chelsea     Submitted Date: 2017-02-20 19:01:24
    I am an American black. I purchased this for a wedding party, and I am totally shocked when I finally apply it. They seems so suitable with my nature hair. My friends say that they love the extensions too.I am proud of my adelehair.
    Submitted by: Wendy     Submitted Date: 2017-02-06 23:06:35
    I was satisfied with the quality, I received my package well packed and the hair is soft. I have not yet put the hair in to see if it sheds after taking it a loose but I hope for the best. Thank you!

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