Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions – Change The Way You See Yourself


A style for every occasion, hair extensions are a way to add some spice to any night out. Hair extensions are a great way to give yourself a salon style look without leaving the comfort of your own home.


With so many hair extensions available online, what sets Remy human hair extensions apart? A big reason is that Remy hair extensions last for a longer period of time and actually feel like they are part of your own hair – because they are real hair. Remy human hair extensions should be your first and only choice.


Why Remy Human Hair Extensions and what makes them so popular?

Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market, as the hair is plucked from donors along with the cuticle to preserve the hair for a longer duration of time. It is also tangle free, smooth and soft, making it feel like it’s your own real hair. Remy hair is collected from a single donor and because the hair cuticles are preserved, it has a more natural look than Non-Remy extensions -which tend to get damaged easily and take away from the natural look that you want to have.


Clip in hair extensions are one of the fastest ways to add volume and thickness to your hair. When buying hair extensions online, you need to consider the color, weight, and length of the hair extension before buying.


The color of the hair extension should match the color of your own hair.   Make sure that the extensions match the root and the tip of your hair, as colors can vary from root to tip.

The weight of the hair extension should also be taken into account. If not chosen properly, the wrong extensions could feel heavy on your head.  This would basically result in you feeling weighed down everywhere you go, and can also do damage to your own hair. Make sure to choose the hair weight that’s right for you.

Taking care of your clip in hair extensions is important, so that they can be used for later occasions. Once you remove your hair extensions, you should wash them using shampoo or conditioner made for real hair.  Using lukewarm water is recommended. Take extra care when washing to prevent tangling.


With proper care and little bit of nourishment, you can guarantee long lasting use of your extensions.


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