Micro Loop vs Nail Tip Hair Extensions


The hair extension industry is a booming business and with a large variety of hair extensions available in the market, it can be a difficult job to choose the one that will suite your needs.


Let us take a look at the hair extension in detail before drawing any conclusion, which will help you in choosing the extension which fits you the best.

 nail tip hair extensions


With nail tip hair extension the strands of hair are hold together at the tip with a help of keratin glue. The part where the hair is glued, is curved which just looks like a nail tip/ U-tip. The hair strands are fitted to the part where it is curved and once you have perfectly fitted the part of your hair in place, with a help of heat connector melt the keratin glue and then press the melted glue so that it fits in perfectly to your own hair and so on.

 micro loop hair extensions


Now with micro loop hair extension you need to pull your hair through the ring/loop and once the hair is pulled through, with the help of pliers press the hair extension so that it fits perfectly in place and repeat the same process to make your hair look dense.

remove nail tip hair extesnion-step-1


Apply 3-4 drops of remove on glued part

remove nail tip hair extesnion-step-2


Using Flat pliers, pinch the fused part 5 times to break glue

remove nail tip hair extesnion-step-3


Separate pre tipped hair from client’s hair

remove nail tip hair extesnion-step-4


Use comb or shampoo to remove glue residue


Removing the extensions is a tedious job and you will need a skilled pair of hands to remove it, otherwise it may damage the hair.

Nail tip extension can be removed using a keratin acetone remover to remove the hair extensions. Once you spray the remover, gently press the ends and pull it out gently, you make get some beads of the hair extension, attached to your hair but once you rinse your hair it will get easily removed.

remove micro loop hair extensions-step 1


Close the clamper quickly.

remove micro loop hair extensions-step 2


Slide the ring off.

remove micro loop hair extensions-step 3


The ring and the I-Strand hair can be re-used

remove micro loop hair extensions-step 4




Micro loop extension is comparatively easier to remove as you just need to press the flat ends of the hair extension so that it loosens and then you can just pull your hair from the loop gently.


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