Let Your Hair Breathe Free This Summer

Summer is that time of the year when long tresses roll into messy buns. We’ve all been here, but who cares about heat when it comes to flaunting a luminous summer look. Vacation mode brings an edge to achieving beach life goals through flowing locks. There are always concerns about maintaining normal hair or even synthetic hair extensions. With Adele Hair, there’s less to worry about.  Our team has prepared this, summer hair extension care guide you through bad hair days.

Keep salt spray at bay – The one thing that is a big no-no is getting your bangs all frizzy. While wearing hair extensions, you need to be careful of the products being applied on your hair. Salt sprays usually contain a dilution of heavy amounts of salt and alcohol. These two ingredients are a perfect recipe to ruin your hair extensions. They make your hair extremely dry while stealing their shine and leaving them tangled.

Say hello to serums – Keeping your hair hydrated is as important as keeping your skin supple and nourished. Extreme heat and UV rays are widely known to damage your lovely hair. By stealing moisture If you’re spending a lot of time out on a hot summer day, it’s a must to start applying serum or hair moisturizing lotion to your extensions,, before leaving the house. With a little care your extensions will feel more like they’re part of your own real hair. Adele Hair boasts its beautiful collection of real hair with varied colours, shades and styles. You can have your summer bangs all curly or transform them into Kim Kardashian’s classic mermaid look. With its latest range of hair extensions, you will feel as good as new. Explore your options on our website and feel free to write us with any questions.


Condition your extensions regularly -– Simply put, you’ve got to condition your hair regularly. Conditioning your natural hair is very simple. However, doing this to your extensions can become a challenge. Dry and hot summer weather greatly impacts the quality of extensions, making them wither sooner than expected. To keep them glossy throughout the summer, it’s best if you can soak them overnight in thoroughly applied conditioner. Wash them again in the morning and you’ll have your gorgeous volume back.

Keep away from the sea and pools – When we asked you to let go of your salt spray, we also meant that you must keep away from the salty waters. Pools do not count as an exception here, as your hair extensions are vulnerable to chemicals like chlorine. Remember how chlorine damages the skin? Now imagine what it would do to your hair extensions. The best way to go about it is to remove them before diving in.

Summer is the time to be carefree and let the warm weather lift your spirits. With a little care, you can enjoy a splash of cool water on your hot skin and let some heat off. Laze around on the beaches to get a real tan that will last till next summer – without losing your gorgeous extensions.


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