Kylie Jenner dazzles in hair extensions on her 21st birthday

Kylie Jenner became the talk of the town when she dazzled in a bling pink romper dress on the night of her 21st birthday. What turned heads even more was her long ponytail. It was quite apparent that she had embraced her love for long locks, as her pony swaggered after her. The sudden transformation was obviously with the help of some utterly gorgeous hair extensions, which suited her quite well.

What people thought were ponytail hair extensions, turned out to be weft hair extensions. Her stylist Chris Appleton cleared the confusion in a candid conversation. He said that while going for really long mane, it is best to go for wefts. They keep the weight and volume maintained. They also last longer and require less attention to upkeep. Wefts are squeezed shut at the roots (leaving some gap) of your natural hair, which keeps them firmly in place for a long time.

Kylie spent a hefty amount in achieving her delightful look. Her charming blonde hair extensions cost her something between $6000-$8000, well an insanely whopping amount. All the fuss about costs and colour is because Kylie had specifically requested for a unique variety called “Slavic hair”, which was delivered from Russia. It’s a hair type that stays perfect in its natural form. Yes peeps, her perfectly blended blonde locks are all completely natural.

The 21 year old is not only a trendsetter, but also an entrepreneur through her very own line of cosmetics. She has also been featured in the latest issue of Forbes, as Kylie is set to become the world’s youngest billionaire in 2019, through her fully owned company, Kylie Cosmetics. Her company is currently valued at nearly $800 million, giving us more than just hair goals.

Her expensive Rapunzel like long locks may have stirred quite a media frenzy. She is becoming an inspiration for ladies longing for long locks. Well, you too can have hair like Kylie and let us tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune like her to get your look. There are many affordable hair extensions available in the market. You just simply need to select the length, colour and style you wish for. Choose from our range of options and you can select from all uni-tone shades to highlighted strands, that would blend well with your natural hair, in your desired length.

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