How to wear hair extensions like a pro

Do you wish to turn your bob-cut into cascading flowy waves or make your hair more buoyant and voluminous? But investing in your new look seems near impossible with a shoestring budget? Like ladies everywhere, applying hair extensions on your own could be a viable option. When it comes to applying hair extensions, it feels like you can never be careful enough. There is always a fear of making mistakes. Still, if you are feel determined enough and want to take matters into your own hands, you can  go through our quick guide to help you on how to wear hair extensions like a pro.


Clip-in hair extensions: The popular and simplest of all extensions, clip-in hair extensions are used when you need to show-off fuller, more vivacious hair. Clip-in extensions are placed and secured at the roots, between the sections of your hair.

Quick tip: To make sure your clip-ins remain in place, roughen your hair at roots with a teasing brush or comb. That way your extensions would not slip.

Tape-in hair extensions: They can be a little tricky since they are applied at the tip and roots of the thin strip of your parted hair between sections. Tape-in extensions hold together in place with the help of glue which is at the top of your hair strips. Start from the bottom and go upwards, depending on how many strips of extensions you are going to use.

Quick tip: If you have short hair, you can use bobby pins to make sure they don’t peek out of your hair extensions, giving away your secret.

Micro loop hair extensions: If you are looking for a long-term solution to your thinning hair, then micro loop hair extensions might just be the right choice for you. These micro loops are connected to small silicone rings with aluminum lining. To make sure they stick for long term,  you need to squeeze them shut with the help of small pliers, once you shut close the loop.

Quick tip: Make sure you leave space of at least one centimeter from the scalp, so there is comfortable distance between your roots and extensions.

To be assured of a long life of your hair extensions, you can make small changes in your routine, like using less hot iron to your extensions,  since it damages the extensions at an accelerated pace. You can also choose not to colour them as often as you colour your natural hair, as it can cause permanent damage. If you wish to curl your extensions, it is best to wash them, wrap them around soft sponges and let them air dry overnight. You will achieve gorgeous curls in the morning.

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