How to find the right colour for hair extensions?

How to find the right colour of hair extensions?

The idea of getting hair extensions entices anyone who would cherish voluminous hair. Blending and mixing hair extensions with natural hair would give your hair a magical transformation, but the wrong choice of colour can turn it into an irreparable disaster (unless you toss them out completely!). Before deciding a final colour, you need to explore all your options. To avoid any confusion and mistakes, please follow the tips mentioned below to learn how to pick the right colour for you.

Hair extensions are placed inside your hair, and the shade of your hair extensions would reflect on the overall appearance of your hair. Therefore, it is important to match the  colour of the  tip/head of  hair extensions. Choose the colour that matches the closest to your natural hair colour. You must recognize the shade of your hair from the root to the middle of the strand. It is really important that your hair blend in at the bottom, giving your flowy locks a natural touch.

There are both natural as well as synthetic hair extensions. The texture and colour of synthetic hair extensions might seem a bit different, but the natural hair extensions would blend-in perfectly with your tresses. When trying samples at home or at salon, you can simply put them next to the root of your hair in natural light to make the right decision. You can certainly ask for a sample before placing your order online. There are companies that ask for the sample of your locks and analyze them for the correct shade of your hair extensions. Remember, the wait would be worth it!

Even if you decide to go for a tone lighter or darker, then  it too would not reflect poorly on your hair. There are people who opt for getting extensions first and then getting them coloured, but you don’t have to go that far to get the exact shade that you are looking for. With Adele Hair, you can get the exact hair extensions, matching your natural hair. We offer a wide range of colours and different shades in each colour to match your natural hair perfectly. Ask for a sample today!

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