How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions for Your Wedding?


A crowd of people cheering, you are walking out of the Church, bathing in the confetti that’s adding glitter to your long veil flowing behind you…that’s a dreamy picture of your wedding day, right? That dreamy picture demands a lot of effort. Wedding planning  means fixing the best dress, hair, shoes, cake, venue…Well, a lot of decisions to take to make one day as close as possible to perfect. Wedding means exhaustion and working everything to perfection, at the same time, so it goes without saying that it is equally important to look good. Above everything, a bride spends a ton of her time in deciding the perfect look.

Every bride wants to look different, but beautiful ever more. Most brides start experimenting with their look, early on. Make-up and hairstyle are the two things that are played with primarily. A popular choice amongst brides for hairstyles is to have half-up-do-half-down. To get perfect hair in length and volume brides go with hair extensions adorned for the wedding. Here is how to choose the best wedding hair extensions to make your day perfect:

Best extensions for your hair: Take the right road, the best way to assess what suits you the best is to run trials of hair extensions at a salon or at home. You must try different colours that would blend-in and give you a desired makeover. In case you want to colour your hair for the wedding, then it is recommended you do it after implanting the hair extensions to gain uniformity, giving you a natural look. You must also try different types of extensions. From the varied choices of hair extensions, the most popular ones in the bridal market are:

∙         Clip-in hair extensions: These extensions are clipped-in and can be applied anytime, even on the day of your wedding. They are easy to apply and blend-in with any type of hair, quite naturally.

∙         Tape-in hair extensions: Tape-in extensions are directly applied to the hair. This type of extensions are reusable and can last up to five months, if taken proper care can last up to a year seamlessly.

Pick the right time: Though you have a choice of applying hair extensions a day before your wedding or on your wedding day, it is highly advised to get hair extensions done two-three weeks in prior. If you have never used hair extensions before, then it becomes mandatory to go for trials. You must know how hair extensions feel on your head. Therefore, make sure to consult your specialist on time.

Flaunt it on Honeymoon: Your hair extensions would not only make your wedding day perfect, but you can always choose to carry your gorgeous hair to your honeymoon. With a proper hair regime and extra care, you can continue to flaunt your locks till you are back from honeymoon and even longer. Even if you are going to a country with a tropical weather, you can manage your hair in a high ponytail or any other hairstyle, without affecting your new locks.

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