Do your Dutch braid in five minutes ?

Dutch braid Hair Style

How to get a classic Dutch braid in five minutes ?

Having plain hair can be boring, but that’s what different hairstyles are created for. You may love a pixie haircut one day and fall in love with long braids tomorrow. With hair extensions, you can achieve these looks tirelessly and on your whims. Changing hairstyles is a great way of bringing about visible changes in your personality or even marked changes in your look of the day, easily done with the help of hair extensions. Losing wavy locks framing your face can make your face appear slimmer. Similarly, a soft low bun resting on your nape, covers the roundness of your face and gives it a soft classy look. Braids expose your face, bringing emphasis to your sharp features.

In the months of summer, braids become a girl’s best friend. You can choose to wear your braid to the office, to formal dinners or even a casual picnic. Braids go well with anything from formal suits, sundresses to a pair of basic jeans & tee. They are easy to manage and keep heat at bay. Girls with mid-length or thinning hair can opt for hair extensions to create a beautiful long braid. Below, we are going to show you how to make a Dutch Braid with Adele hair extensions:

Step #1: While using hair extensions to create any braid, we strongly recommend you go for Clip-in hair extensions. They are easy to apply and bring instant volume and length to your hair. Depending on your aim, you can part your hair (for double Dutch braid) and apply hair extensions vertically on each side. If you are going for a single braid, then there is no requirement to make a partition and you can apply your extensions directly in the middle. That way your hair extensions would remain hidden, even when your braid is complete.

Step #2: To make a single braid, you need to start from the front of your hair (crown area). Lift a thick strand, and then part it in three equal sections. Similar to when you create a simple three-parted braid.

Step #3: Start making a three-part braid and add hair from sides as you go ahead.

Step #4: To make sure you get a classic Dutch braid, make sure you add hair below your strands rather than over it.

Step #5: Once you reach the nape of your neck, continue braiding till the end of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. Yay! There, you have your perfect Dutch braid ready in five minutes.

Didn’t think getting a fluffy classic Dutch braid would be that easy? After all, it’s only a matter of few minutes. Dutch braids go well with different colours and highlights. You can even try mermaid hair which look classy on Dutch braids. Make it perfect with easy-to-apply hair extensions.


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