Beautiful and trendy hair styles for women in 2018

Embracing “natural” has become a thing in 2018. With celebs going from short to shorter cuts, new trends have begun taking form. For people with naturally short hair, extreme contrasts have appeared in red carpet appearances, tours and concerts. Celebs seem to welcome change with hair extensions much more frequently than ever. Here are the five trend setting beautiful hairstyles for women in 2018:

Jaw grazing lobs – Since Selena Gomez turned her long locks into a sharp jaw-grazing lob, it became an instant hit and marked its place to be one of the most sought after hairstyle trends in 2018. Though she parted ways with her long Rapunzel tresses, she is often seen elegantly posing on the red carpet flaunting long hair in wavy curls. And, of course, the transformation occurred with the help of gorgeous hair extensions!

Long ponytails – In 2018, amongst long, short and mid length hairstyles, luscious long ponytails distinctly stood out. But, it is rare to see let alone maintain natural hair that voluminous. Girls usually use ponytail hair extensions to show-off their gorgeous hair. They also act as quick transformations from short to long ponytails. Not only for the sake of following  trends, but if you have thin hair which don’t look great in ponytails, then ponytail hair extensions are the perfect solution for you.

Half-up top knot – This casual chic hairstyle is created by combining two hairstyles, the half up – half down and the top-knot. You need to part your hair in two sections, horizontally from above your ears. Then you twist your top section into a knot, leaving the bottom section to breathe freely, resulting in a simple yet trendy hairstyle.

The pixie cut – Talking of trendy short haircuts, we cannot afford to miss the pixie cut. 2018 has seen more pixie cuts than the last five years. They are suitable to manage and flaunt even in this summer of heat waves. At any time, you can opt for this change with the help of drawstring hair extensions that would cover your short hair completely, giving you the hair length you desire.

Long locks – Unlike any other hairstyle, long locks would never go out of fashion. Cascading flowing locks are always a thing of class, when it comes to attend social events or parties. Even the red carpet becomes more glamorous with a pose in wavy long locks, curls or simple stick straight glossy hair. Even you can be the Kim Kardashian of the ramp and display gorgeous long hair with hair extensions.

Short hair or long hair, everyone needs a change (just not permanent!) at some point. Maybe, it is time to embrace your inner Goddess and explore options with our one hundred percent natural hair extensions. Visit to see hairstyles in different colours and textures.

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