6 Famous Celebs Who Dazzle With Hair Extensions

The secrets behind celebrities’ picture perfect looks lies in their super detailed makeovers. When it comes to flaunting long locks or a new style on the red carpet, celebs don’t shy from experimenting. The fastest way to a makeover starts at the root with hair extensions (pun intended!). Extensions are actually a very popular choice among celebrities who aren’t afraid to sport a new look.


Celebrities and their stylists know that new looks can be created fairly quickly using clip in, tape in, flip in, micro loop, nail tip, stick tip, and many other extensions application techniques. Nowadays, there are very few celebs who embrace their truly “natural” look. To get you high on the hair extension fad, here are the six celebrities and what they look like with hair extensions.

Kim Kardashian West:

Kim Kardashian West sits on top of the list when it comes to her use of hair extensions. Her experimentations have made her extremely popular as a style icon. There are weeks where we’ll see her in blonde hair one day, and in Rapunzel long dark tresses the next. Sheen and the length of her flowing hair shows off a strong expertise and high quality of the hair extensions she uses. She’s a complete diva when it comes to transformations involving braids and bangs, alternating from stick straight to curly hair styles. On very rare occasions, she’s seen with her natural dark hair, cascading down her shoulders in an awe inspiring cut.

Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner is best known for her experimental streak. She’s often seen wearing her hair in different lengths, styles and quite a few quirky colours. She regularly shows off her elaborate wig collection in different colours and styles on Snapchat. She clearly uses her hair extensions regularly, but also dazzles with her natural chopped black bob hair.


When it comes to Rihanna, she defines another level of class altogether. She even changes her hairstyle as quickly as she change her clothes, and somehow always manages to stay unique. Any hairstyle, from the mermaid wavy curls to pixie cut, Riri can pull off almost any style and make it to front page of newspapers and sites the very next morning. There have been very few occasions where she wore her natural hair on camera. In 2013, she sported her natural pixie curls for the first time in Glamour magazine.


Zendaya is known for her talents in acting and singing. Her fearlessness is something that is a part of her personality. She uses her fame for promoting worthy causes, ranging from political issues to fighting racism. The 20 year old star is also known for being bold in changing her myriad hairstyles or wearing her curls au naturale. She has natural curls, stopping just below her shoulders. She is a style icon for young people everywhere, often noticed in different styles from long waist-length hair to pixie or even shorter at times.


In her recent OTR II tour to London, Beyoncé went all blonde in her natural waist-length hair. The colour made her hair look pale blonde, compared to her classic honey blonde look. The pale blonde colour looks glossy and embellished when she’s surrounded by lights on stage. From time to time, Beyoncé has been seen to opt for hair extensions, adding volume to her already-long curls. In the past, the singer has been seen successfully sporting cropped short hair, long hair, thick-curls to smooth waves in different shades and styles.

Ariana Grande:

Since 2016, we have seen the young artist in her high ponytail and long straight tresses falling below waist in an exuberant fashion. This rich look in her hair is achieved through nothing but high quality hair extensions. Only in very few occasions – such as some of her more recent Instagram pics, does she show off her natural healthy curls.

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