5 Celebs Who Left Their Hair Extensions At Home

Ever wondered why it is always a “good hair day” for celebrities?. Keep in mind, the fact behind most celebrities is usually an army of experts working on their look. achieving glam look every minute, it is rare to see certain celebrities setting foot outside; without perfect hair extensions complimenting their look of the day.

Some celebrities accept falling to the charms of extensions and some deny using them at all, keeping the secret of their perfect hair all to themselves. In reality there are very few celebrities showing off their natural hair on Instagram or Snapchat. Here are five of those celebs and what they look like without hair extensions:

Selena Gomez

The famous songstress in her latest music video “Back to You” is seen going natural, ditching her wavy long curls and hair extensions. Chopping her silky bangs into a glistening bob, taking her retro look to perfection with a modern touch. The look is inspired by 1960s, spinning the retro into a trendy cut.

Jennifer Lopez

Style icon J.Lo rocked shoulder length blunt hair in the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, letting go of her straight long honey brown hair extensions. Jennifer is often seen wearing her hair extensions long when it comes to red carpet appearances. The Bob cut is the latest fashion amongst celebrities who are chopping their hair into jaw grazing bob cuts or pixie cuts, leaving their hair extensions at home.  

Sarah Hyland

In 2016, Sarah Hyland turned her classic lob into long black luscious hair, cascading down to her waist like a smooth waterfall, with some amazing hair extensions. Sarah has been in the headlines time and time again for her magical hair transformations. Over the past year, the actress has been in love with her chocolate brown natural locks. Recently, she slayed it by getting a messy shoulder length lob in black colour without any hair extensions.

Nicki Minaj

The famous rapper is known for her knee length wigs and hair extensions. Just when we thought her hair length couldn’t go any further, Nicki astonished her fans in her latest photo shoot for Elle July 2018 issue. Here she’s setting some serious hair goals by showing off her Rapunzel long mane, touching the floor. However, in January 2018, the star shared a picture captioned “No perm. No extensions” showing her natural hair is sleek black waist length without hair extensions – very impressive!.

Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga has been a chameleon when it comes to styling. Her new look and experimentation with her hair shows her love for hair extensions. Last year, she shared that tough times made her go for wigs and hair extensions. She also revealed her thin sleek brunette hair underneath the layers of extensions.


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