Since 2011, has been an online store selling a wide assortment of hair products, including hair accessories, extensions, and several other collections for the global hair extension market. We guarantee that all of our products are made of 100% human hair. We strive to offer the widest variety of colors and lengths, in addition to providing great customer service and quick delivery to customers around the world.


The right colour for hair extensions

The idea of getting hair extensions entices anyone who would cherish voluminous hair. Blending and mixing hair extensions with natural hair would give your hair a magical transformation, but the wrong choice of colour can turn it into an irreparable disaster (unless you toss them out completely!). Before deciding a final colour, you need to explore all your options. To avoid any confusion and mistakes, please follow the tips mentioned below to learn how to pick the right colour for you. 

Best Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

A crowd of people cheering, you are walking out of the Church, bathing in the confetti that's adding glitter to your long veil flowing behind you...that’s a dreamy picture of your wedding day, right? That dreamy picture demands a lot of effort. Wedding planning  means fixing the best dress, hair, shoes, cake, venue...Well, a lot of decisions to take to make one day as close as possible to perfect. Wedding means exhaustion and working everything to perfection, at the same time, so it goes without saying that it is equally important to look good. Above everything, a bride spends a ton of her time in deciding the perfect look.

Global Hair Extension Market Report 2018

Wiseguy recently released a report on the global hair extension market which delves deep on the market and its growth potential. The report explores the market by thoroughly analysing players, end industries, regions and product types. This extensive research was carried by observing the methods of key players, benchmark products and applications. The report focuses on the current state and potential growth of the Hair Extension industry, its market share split and revenue generation till the year 2023.

Let your hair breathe free this summer

Summer is that time of the year when long tresses roll into messy buns. We’ve all been here, but who cares about heat when it comes to flaunting a luminous summer look. Vacation mode brings an edge to achieving beach life goals through flowing locks. There are always concerns about maintaining normal hair or even synthetic hair extensions. With Adele Hair, there’s less to worry about.  Our team has prepared this, summer hair extension care guide you through bad hair days.


5 Celebs Who Left Their Hair Extensions At Home

Some celebrities accept falling to the charms of extensions and some deny using them at all, keeping the secret of their perfect hair all to themselves. In reality there are very few celebrities showing off their natural hair on Instagram or Snapchat. Here are five of those celebs and what they look like without hair extensions:

6 Famous Celebs Who Dazzle With Hair Extensions

The secrets behind celebrities’ picture perfect looks lies in their super detailed makeovers. When it comes to flaunting long locks or a new style on the red carpet, celebs don’t shy from experimenting. The fastest way to a makeover starts at the root with hair extensions (pun intended!). Extensions are actually a very popular choice among celebrities who aren’t afraid to sport a new look.

Get Stunning Hair for all your New Year's Eve

The holiday seasons have commenced with all the Christmas events that you have to attend with family, friends and colleagues.  If you're like most and don't know wherever to begin...

5 reasons to buy stick tip hair extensions

Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Everyone desires beautiful hair.  The lustrous length, the voluptuous volume, the eye-grabbing locks of the hair are a must in every girl’s bucket-list. 

Win over hearts this holiday season with Adele Hair’s clip in hair extensions

Clip In Hair Extension

Holiday season is always a time of happiness and stress. During the holiday season, we meet many of our friends and family so you always want to look your best. This is the time when you can turn heads, win suitors and ignite a new ...

Using Hair Extensions this Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year when the cities are abuzz with lights and festival, family and friend’s reunions and a whole of shopping. Adele Hair is here to help you wear the most fashionable hairstyle this Thanksgiving. As you spend quality time with your family and enjoy some...


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