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The right colour for hair extensions

The idea of getting hair extensions entices anyone who would cherish voluminous hair. Blending and mixing hair extensions with natural hair would give your hair a magical transformation, but the wrong choice of colour can turn it into an irreparable disaster (unless you toss them out completely!). Before deciding a final colour, you need to explore all your options. To avoid any confusion and mistakes, please follow the tips mentioned below to learn how to pick the right colour for you. 

Best Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

A crowd of people cheering, you are walking out of the Church, bathing in the confetti that's adding glitter to your long veil flowing behind you...that’s a dreamy picture of your wedding day, right? That dreamy picture demands a lot of effort. Wedding planning  means fixing the best dress, hair, shoes, cake, venue...Well, a lot of decisions to take to make one day as close as possible to perfect. Wedding means exhaustion and working everything to perfection, at the same time, so it goes without saying that it is equally important to look good. Above everything, a bride spends a ton of her time in deciding the perfect look.

Global Hair Extension Market Report 2018

Wiseguy recently released a report on the global hair extension market which delves deep on the market and its growth potential. The report explores the market by thoroughly analysing players, end industries, regions and product types. This extensive research was carried by observing the methods of key players, benchmark products and applications. The report focuses on the current state and potential growth of the Hair Extension industry, its market share split and revenue generation till the year 2023.

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